Vol 1 Issue 3

From The Editor

Greetings and welcome to the third issue of the MCPH Film Club Journal.


In the Mood for Lonesomeness

Scope | Tanushree Baijal

An examination of Wong Kar-Wai's alternate imaginings of loneliness


‘The Trouble is the Tedium’: An Interview with Ashish Rajadhyaksha

Profile | Archana R


Rethinking Adaptation in the Indian Scenario

Scope | Ananya Parikh

Some thoughts on studying the relationship between film and literature in India


From the inside, in Black and White: Tharlo, A Tibetan shepherd

Scope | Françoise Robin

Perspectives on Tharlo, the Tibetan shepherd, and the emerging Tibetan cinema scene in France


Watching Films: Then and Now: A Personal Narrative

Life | Sowmya Dechamma

How far can one shelter today’s kids from watching movies that reflect the reality around them, and is censoring the right thing to do?


ANDHA NAAL: A Case for Film Noir

Scope | Bharath Kumar

The movie in question is Andha Naal (1954) directed by one of the architects of Tamil film industry, S. Balachandar(SB), considered the Alfred Hitchcock of Tamil Cinema.


Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary: An Interview with Sunanda Bhat

Profile | Varsha R. Adibhatla

Sunanda Bhat, the director who started Songline Films, discusses about her film ‘Have You Seen the Arana?’ which deals with ancient tribal creation mythology.


The Image Undone

Scope | Arundhati Sethi

Exploring the Unfinished and Continuous Construction and Deconstruction of Identities in Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding


“It was not a planned move”: Salam Kodiyathur on Home Cinema

Profile | Mohamed Shafeeq Karinkurayil

A Professional drama troupe decides to start a new concept called 'Home Cinema' which basically started off as releasing movies via cassettes instead of theatres. Later, cassettes were replaced by CDs.


The Makeup Artist – Exploring Two Sides

Apparatus | Megha Solanki

The position of a make-up artist is one that has evolved throughout the span of movies, developing various nuances of its own, to present a group of people that are needed on the sets of a film for the representation of the characters on camera.